However, Gaudí’s Nativity Façade remains the thing the Sagrada Família is famous for. October to March from 9:00-19:00 4. Pas de « passe-droit » pour ces billets, il faut en passer par la billetterie dentrée de la basilique. Le guide pour visiter la Sagrada Familia de Gaudi. In Parc Guell. Achetez des billets en ligne, les heures d'ouverture, tenue vestimentaire et informations pratiques de Sagrada Familia à Barcelone. Choose your ticket in the table below and click on the link. But they are very fast. Another good option is to tour La Sagrada Familia using this guided experience with tower access that will show you everything you need to know! ​There is only the Security-Check line. L2 (purple line), L5 (blue line): Sagrada Família. Admission is free, so there are no additional charges, but please note that you may very well enter during Mass. Make sure to rent the audio guide for Sagrada Familia. Web oficial de la Sagrada Família. Ticket + Audio guide for people under 30. - Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to take an audio guide. Ticket + Audio guide for people over 65: €26. The Sagrada Família is a catholic church and has clothing restrictions, so visitors are asked to dress appropriately or might not be admitted to the building. Œuvre inachevée du génie Antoni Gaudí.La Sagrada Familia attire plus de 3,2 millions de visiteurs et devient ainsi le monument le plus visité d’Espagne, devant le Musée du Prado de Madrid. Their objective is to indicate - Tiqets will tell you all the details in there confirming Email. Sagrada Familia with a guide: €19.50 2. are saying that the church is to be completed by 2026 – the centenary of Gaudí’s death. The building is fully dependent on donations and admittance fees, and construction on the two largest spires for Jesus and Mary hasn't even started. However, this is not the quickest and not the cheapest solution. - The website is financed by affiliate links. You can love it or hate it – but you absolutely must see it. 4) Get-Your-Guide is the most expensive of all the providers – regarding the Sagrada Familia. Ticket + Audio guide for people over 30: €32.50 Fent clic a 'D'acord' acceptes l'ús de les teves dades per a aquestes finalitats. Podeu seguir gaudint de l'experiència des de casa a través de les nostres visites virtuals:, Disculpeu les molèsties. This is no fun at all, and honestly, I gave up after five tries. Explore the largest unfinished Roman Catholic church in the world located in Barcelona, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí with this admission ticket.The Sagrada Familia is a symbolic expression in stone of the Christian faith. Then take a look at the, No audio guides for children under the age of 12, * ​Ticketbar is adding a fee for these tickets. Its history and view from the outside alone are enough of a reason to go and take a look. - Don't be too late for the access as well as for the tower access! The construction of the Sagrada Familia, Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família Sagrada Família in Catalan (in English: "Temple of the Holy Family") began in 1882. Do you want to have all the "Highlights" of Barcelona in one booking? See the paid Monumental Zone where the main Gaudi attractions - the ceramic covered reptile, staircase, Sala Hypostile, benches, roof terrace etc. Proveïdors oficials d'entrades. Its towers, visible from numerous points in the city, have become a characteristic element of Barcelona. Covid-19 update. The Gaudí Bundle is a 2-in-1 ticket to Barcelona's most popular attractions: the Sagrada Familia and the Park Güell, designed by famed architect Antoni Gaudí. Is it really that full? The Sagrada Familia also celebrates extraordinary masses. Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne. website is financed by these affiliate links. Tiquets sense comissions. You can find the updated calendar here. Where is the entrance? 11. Once the Sagrada Familia re-opens its door we recommend you to book your Sagrada Familia tickets online as soon as your trip to Barcelona is confirmed to secure your spot. The tour will take 1.5 to 2 hours so it is a little bit more expensive than the Sagrada Familia offer, but also longer! The Sagrada Familia closed its doors on the 28th of September until further notice. - are located. Hello all, We know that there were previous posts about printing and collecting Sagrada Familia tickets but just want to make sure that we are ok as this will be our first time in Barcelona and we only got limited time there.. We purchased 3 tickets on Palm Sunday Mass: 14th of April 2019 at 12pm; Calendar of mass at the Sagrada Familia. The policy of Sagrada Familia and all the agencies is very strikt. Dec 28, 2020 - The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is a monumental church devoted to the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Le tourisme autour de la Sagrada Familia dégénè… You can find a tour in Spanish or Catalan at any time, but the English language tours are much more difficult to find. - There won't be an audio guide for Children under the age of 12. These require an invitation. 15. Mobile tickets accepted Disabled and companion tickets as well as tickets for children under 11 years old have to … Your admission tickets to Sagrada Familia. Accés especial, equips d’àudio per seguir millor la visita, recorregut adaptat a grups... Sempre anireu acompanyats d’un guia oficial que us explicarà tots els secrets de la Basílica. At 3 p.m. On the other hand: November till February is a very nice time to see the Sagrada Familia without any stress.... Thats's an "ohoh" answer. Grups 10 persones o més Si sou 10 o més persones, tindreu facilitats durant la visita. Depending on the month you HAVE to book online Tickets. You’ll receive your tickets via email. Interested in a combination ticket for the admission + audio guide + access to one of the towers? Book yours now to … The answer was: 6.30 p.m. Sagrada Familia with an audio guide: €19.50 4. But maybe you’re more patient than I am. Otherwise you won't get in! ​If you want to book a tour via the Sagrada Família, you’re in for a lot of clicking. - You will receive the audio guide at a booth inside the Sagrada ground. See the main basilica exterior and interior, and skip the towers. On 25 and 26 December and 1 and 6 January from 9:00-14:00 Ticket sales stop 15 minutes before closing time There are several tour prices: 1. Billets sagrada familia - forum Barcelone, Catalogne - Besoin d'infos sur Barcelone, Catalogne ? Currently, the Glory Façade and the remaining towers (the final number will be 18) are being built, following plans made by Gaudí. And this. In Sagrada Familia. Per a qüestions relacionades amb les vostres entrades: Fem servir cookies pròpies i de tercers per millorar aquest web, així com recollir i analitzar dades d'accés. 40. Construction began in 1883 and the officials are saying that the church is to be completed by 2026 – the centenary of Gaudí’s death. The crypt entrance is marked with the letter “e” on my map. Achat billet Sagrada Familia. For that reason: Always take a closer look at your booking. I asked when the next entrance would be if I bought the tickets on site. And only the persons with the same timeslot as you have are waiting there with you. ​The Sagrada Família’s crypt isn’t always open to the public. Snap a selfie to prove you played your part. To avoid the long waiting lines, it’s recommended to buy your tickets online. ​Also, you can enjoy the Sagradas façades a bit ;). Aquesta visita també és perfecta per a grups universitaris o empreses no relacionades amb el turisme. You have a window of 15 minutes getting trough the Security check and into the Sagrada Familia. Right now, when it comes to the regular entrance fee, they’re even the least expensive option. And how do the timed tickets work? Sagrada Familia with a guide and tower visit: €24 3. Més informació: La Sagrada Familia est le monument le plus emblématique du Modernisme Catalan. La Sagrada Família is full of secret meanings, tiny significant details thought by Gaudí, pieces of architecture inspired by nature – all reasons why it is really worth taking an English guided experience with a skip-the-line ticket here! Where is the entrance? Pour faciliter laccès des jeunes à la culture, la Sagrada Familia propose des entrées, à moitié prix durant certaines périodes de lannée.Le prix dentrée coûte alors 7 euros pour les jeunes entre 11 et 30 ans mais nai proposé que les mercredis, jeudis et dimanches entre 16h et 18h. First, you need to pick a time, and then you can see the languages offered. If you’re not there to see it, you really can’t know how long the wait times might be in front of the Sagrada Família. The Sagrada Familia is open: 1. But the inside is wonderful, too. So I would have to wait 3,5 hours. This will take you to a new page with a booking form to complete your reservation. The Sagrada Família is the “incomplete church” of Antoni Gaudí and is THE main sightseeing attraction in Barcelona. This is the only provider I know offering this package: The Sagrada Família is the “incomplete church” of Antoni Gaudí and is THE main sightseeing attraction in Barcelona. Currently, the Glory Façade and the remaining towers (the final number will be 18) are being built, following plans made by Gaudí. If you are too late, you will be refused by the Security-Team. Should the gate be open, I absolutely recommend seeing it. Tickets Sagrada Família. After all, this enables me to finance my work and this website. When you visit the Sagrada Familia simply show th… The easiest solution is to buy your ticket on-site (1). November to February from 9:00-18:00 2. The Sagrada Famila is Barcelona’s most visited tourist attraction: over 3 million people visit the famous temple every year. My recommendation: Better being a bit early checking out the situation. La Basílica de la Sagrada Família està temporalment tancada al públic, Carrer Mallorca, 401 Barcelona 08013 (Espanya), © Fundació Junta Constructora del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. Podeu seguir gaudint de l'experiència des de casa a través de les nostres visites virtuals: Once you’re past the waiting period and enter, you can’t help but be amazed. Vens a visitar la Basílica amb amics o família i sou menys de 10 persones? More information about the Barcelona City Pass,, Absolutely purchase your ticket online ahead of time. Accés especial, equips d’àudio per seguir millor la visita, recorregut adaptat a grups... Sempre anireu acompanyats d’un guia oficial que us explicarà tots els secrets de la Basílica. You can't get a better Barcelona souvenir than that! Sagrada Familia an… Med denne billet besøger du kirken, når det passer dig bedst; så kan du beundre de flotte facader og den smukke indretning uden at skulle bruge tid på at vente i lange køer. According to the current plans, Gaudi's Holy cathedral should be finished in 2026, exactly 100 years after Gaudi was hit by a tram. Where the Security Check. Check all the details like date, time, amount of tickets! A tour is. The cost of your fast-track Sagrada Familia tickets will go towards the work still needed to finish the Sagrada Familia, which makes you, the humble visitor, a co-creator in Antoni Gaudí's masterpiece. Online Tickets are really the best way! April to September from 9:00-20:00 3. Ticket + Audio guide for people under 30: €29.90 There are no ways changing the dates or getting a refund. ​The busiest month are March/April (around easter), June - October (high season in Barcelona). 31. It happens a lot that I get questions in August or around easter from people asking where they can find tickets because everywhere it's sold out. Si sou 10 o més persones, tindreu facilitats durant la visita. You will find the instructions to get them on the site of the Sagrada Familia.